The FEED-CODE Project aims to provide stakeholders along the food chain with an innovative animal feed certification platform and procedure to guarantee the quality of meat and dairy products through an automatic and simple identification method.

FEED-CODE demo video.
See how it works, from the samples arrival up to the final analysis results.

Presently, there is no practical time and cost-efficient method to allow frequent and effective controls of animal feed. In today’s fast-paced supply chain, time- and cost-consuming DNA evaluations based either on the development of SSR markers or on nucleotide sequencing of specific genomic regions are not practically applicable to mixtures such as feed. more
The concrete outcomes of the FEED-CODE project once it is made available to farmers, SMEs and small regional producers will be: An automatic and easy-to-use FEED-CODE platform and a new standard procedure for the labelling of animal feed more
The European integrated approach to food safety needs effective control system to assure safety and quality. The TBP method: is an animal feed certification procedure to guarantee the quality of meat and dairy products through automatic, simple and rapid DNA barcode method based on tubulin-based polymorphism. watch the video