Feed-Code at Expo 2015 in Milan

9th September 2015
In September, Feed-Code was again disseminated at Expo 2015 in Milan. This second presentation of Feed-Code at the expo was organised by CIA and additionally involved AèV and CNR representatives.




“Setting a model for a sustainable dairy chain” Conference

22nd July 2015
At Expo 2015 in Milan Feed-Code and its results were presented at the conference entitled “Setting a model for a sustainable dairy chain” in the Palazzo Italia. The event was organised by CNR with the direct involvement of CPR and FAI, and Labor as an attending partner.




Feed-Code presented at Round-Table on “Labelling of Meat and Meat Products”

5th  March 2015
Experts from UECBV, Veterinary experts from Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and experts from Meat Company were all present at this particular event where feed-code was presented. Over 50 participants attended the event. [Photos to follow soon.] This was followed by an the “FOOD TECH” exhibition held in Plovdiv on 8 March which also saw a Feed-Code booth and the dissemination of its communication materials.


Feed-Code project dissemination at CEJA Working Group

16th December 2014
At the European Council of Young Farmers’ (CEJA) Working Group in Brussels, Belgium, the Feed-Code project and its results were disseminated. Representatives from 19 CEJA Member Organisations attended the Working Group.