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The FEED-CODE Consortium is comprised of:
  • 4 relevant national Associations (CPR, RMA, AMPB, AèV) representing directly three countries (Italy, Romania and Bulgaria) and one European Association (CEJA, located in Brussels), grouping several thousands of farmers involved in all sectors and, particularly, in the meat and milk for PDO cheese productions;

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  • 2 SMEs (FAI from UK and MB from Italy) operating in this sector and providing technical assistance to farmers for the improvement of their production quality and certification procedures; and

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  • 4 RTD Performers (LABOR, IBBA-CNR, UEVORA and TI) among Universities and Research Centres with specific expertise covering all technical features required for the development of the FEED-CODE system.

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Jointly, the FEED-CODE Consortium presents complementary skills and relevant capabilities to provide an efficient implementation of the research work plan and the achievement of targeted innovation, including manufacturing and communication abilities to exploit the FEED-CODE platform and services in the reference application market after the end of the project.